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Exam Top Tips

The exam period can be a hugely stressful time for students whether they are completing their GCSEs or A-levels. The pressure and nerves of exams can have quite a negative impact on students and learning how to cope with these emotions is difficult. Below are my top tips for the exam period:

  • Plan out your revision timetable:
    Make sure you create a revision timetable before you start. Without a structured plan the thought of revising all those subjects can become extremely daunting, however, setting yourself a goal and allowing yourself to only concentrate on one subject at a time, will make it a lot more achievable.
  • Take breaks
    Taking regular breaks is vital when preparing for exams. Allowing your brain to switch off for five or 10 minutes will prove extremely beneficial when revising.
  • Don't cram revise, leave yourself plenty of time
    Trying to cram in a month's worth of revision in one night will not help and will in fact worsen your nerves. Ensure you give yourself plenty of time in order for you to comfortably revise all of your subjects.
  • Keep yourself healthy
    Not allowing yourself enough fresh air or a good night's sleep can all contribute to you not feeling 100% and could consequently have a negative impact on your revision plan.
  • Try not to stress
    I know it's hard not to stress and worry about upcoming exams, but worrying too much could hinder your revision process. Try and relax and take one day at a time.
  • Do not suffer in silence
    If you are having trouble revising for a particular subject, speak to your teacher. They will have many tips for you and may even be hosting after school revision sessions.

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