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Friends Association Documentation

Minutes of Meetings

Type Code Document Version Date
PTA-02 Minutes of Launch Meeting (22 May 2017) 1.0 23/05/2017
PTA-02 Minutes of 1st BPFM AGM (26 June 2017) 1.1 03/07/2017
PTA-02 Minutes of Ordinary Meeting (12 July 2017) 1.0 02/09/2017
PTA-02 Minutes of Ordinary Meeting (22 August 2017) 1.0 16/10/2017 
  Minutes of Ordinary Meeting (16 October 2017)    
PTA-02 Minutes of Ordinary Meeting (05 March 2018) 1.0 18/04/2018


Type Code Document Version Date
PTA- Newsletters willl appear here when published    

Letters to Parents/Carers

Type Code Document Version Date
PTA-00 Invitation letter to 1st BPFM AGM (26th June 2017) 1.0 26/05/2017

Other Documents

Other Documents
Type Code Document Version Date
PTA-01 BPFA Constitution 1.0 26/06/2017
PTA-04 BPFA Code of Conduct 1.0 26/06/2017
PTA-05 BPFA Roles Descriptions 1.0 26/06/2017
PTA-06 BPFA Conflict of Interests Policy 1.0 26/06/2017
n/a PTA-UK Membership Certificate n/a 21/03/2017



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