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Committee Terms of Reference

We are in the process of changing our governance structure from September 2018 onwards.  The new Articles of Association have been approved by all members, so the school is just awaiting confirmation from the solicitor and then the new governance structure can be implemented to full effect.   The work of TLO committee will primarily be dealt with at Executive Committee as they will be responsible for standards. The work of ELM and PDBW committees will be spread throughout the 8 full governing body meetings.  The information below will be updated when the new structure is fully implemented.

To ensure an efficient and effective committee structure with the School Development Plan at its core, there are three sub-committees of the Governing Board:

Effective Leadership and Management (ELM) responsible for finance, expenditure, health and safety, premises and projects
Teaching, Learning and Outcomes (TLO) dealing with student attainment, curriculum requirements and the achievement of educational objectives
Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare (PDBW) dealing with staffing together with student related matters, including welfare, attendance, behaviour and extra-curricular activities and visits

Committees for statutory functions

Our Governing board forms committees to discharge certain statutory functions.  We sometimes refer to these committees as "panels".

Staff disciplinary, grievance and pay Responsible for hearing appeals arising from staff disciplinary matters, grievances or pay decisions.
Student discipline  A student discipline committee may be convened to consider to consider certain pupil exclusions, and that the responsibility may be delegated to a committee comprising at least three governors.
Complaints  A complaints committee may be convened to consider a complaint from a parent or member of the public, where it has not been resolved by the headteacher
Admissions Bishop Perowne academy trust is the admission authority.  A decision to offer or refuse admission can not be made by one individual of the admission authority.  The whole governing board, or an admissions committee established by the governing board, must make such decisions.
Headteacher performance review and recruitment   
Terms of References for Committees and Panels
Type Code Description Type Date
GOV-0 Governing Body Terms of Reference Committee 28/09/2016
GOV-0 Steering Committee Terms of Reference Committee 28/09/2016
GOV-0 Effective Leadership and Management CommitteeTerms of Reference Committee 28/09/2016
GOV-0 Teaching, Learning and Outcomes Committee Terms of Reference Committee 28/09/2016
GOV-0 Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Committee Terms of Reference Committee 28/09/2016
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