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Keeping our students' well-being on track

Feeling down, anxious or stressed from time to time is completely normal, but when these feelings start to affect your day to day life, it's time to get some support.

There is little doubt that the last 12 months have affected a lot of people's mental health, none more so than young people whose education has been regularly interrupted and the usual social contact with friends has been lost.

Everyone at the school has done their best to try and keep learning as consistent as possible, but we recognise that having to adapt to new learning techniques and make life changes at short notice has taken its toll on some.

Encouraging new habits

Keeping our students' well-being on track

With less opportunity to take part in activities we enjoy outside of our home, we have all become guilty of watching more television and increasing the use of our smartphones and tablets. This is particularly the case for our students and teachers, as with online learning they may find themselves looking at a screen all day.

This is why we launched our first Well-being Week at the beginning of February. For the final lesson of every day, students and staff were encouraged to get away from the screen and devote the final lesson of every day to mind healthy activities. The photos we received of students taking walks in the fresh air, baking, getting creative, being active and playing musical instruments were fantastic. We hope the week showed our students the benefits of changing their habits and dedicating time to their mental well-being.

Where to get help

If students would prefer to speak with someone outside of school, Kooth is an online platform dedicated to supporting young people with their mental health. It includes helpful articles, personal experiences, tips and the opportunity to start or join a conversation and chat about anything that's on their mind.

Like Kooth, the charity Young Minds has a wide range of supportive material, but it also has a 24/7 free text support service for young people. Messages are answered by volunteers who are trained to offer help. Parents and carers who have concerns about their child or a young person can contact the Young Minds dedicated parent helpline or parent email service.

Don't forget about Well Aware

Our mental health service Well Aware is available to students, whether they are learning in school or remotely, and offers a range of services, such as:

  • 1:1 mental health first aid
  • Well-being sessions
  • Online self help
  • Student led support – Anti Bullying Ambassadors
  • Referrals to professionally qualified counsellors and school nurse
  • Parental support and advice
  • Mindfulness sessions

If you are feeling down, please don't suffer in silence. Everyone is here to offer support.

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