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Year Eleven practice examinations, Monday 26th February – Monday 5th March 2018

You will be aware that next half term, year 11 students will be sitting practice examinations in all of their subjects. Attached to this letter are two copies of the timetable for these examinations. The white copy is intended to be kept at home whilst the blue copy should be kept by students and brought to and from College.

All examinations will be conducted under formal examination conditions just as they will be for the final GCSE's. Each department will be using past or example papers from the examination boards which will be marked using their mark schemes and grade boundaries. Some of the exams will be treated as a Walking, Talking Mock, some will be pre-released to students and others will be normal examinations. A Walking, Talking Mock involves a subject leader talking through the steps students need to take one question at a time, including underlining key words, timings and annotating the question paper with key points. The purpose is simply to give students prompts and tips about how to answer the question. Another approach will be to pre-release the examination questions. This approach will enable students to focus their revision on particular topics. All of these approaches are important in preparing our students for their GCSE examinations in the summer term.

The College is continuing to provide a full programme of revision and intervention sessions right up to and during the examination period in the summer term. Please encourage the students to attend the variety of compulsory hubs from 3-4pm. Their individual passport has been designed following advice from their subject teachers to enable them to make the most progress in all subjects. If students do have an evening without a hub to attend, it is possible to attend any other hub and we particularly encourage this for our core subjects of science (Tuesdays), maths (Wednesdays) and English (Thursdays).

Throughout the examination period the normal start and end times of the College day will still apply. Students will need to be in full school uniform. Breaktimes and lunchtimes also remain unaltered. When a student does not have an examination they must attend their normal timetabled lessons. They must therefore continue to bring the correct books and equipment to College for any lessons they are attending.

In the present tutor lessons, students are studying PSE, receiving careers advice, ACWs as well as English, maths and science revision. This is to support our students in every way we can throughout year 11.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the practice examinations, please do get in touch with Mrs S Howard by phoning the College reception or by emailing

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