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Rewards Week Summer 2017

Our regular half term week dedicated to recognising and rewarding our students' achievements.

Students were rewarded for their efforts in year groups, lessons and subject areas.  Here are some of them

Star of the Year Awards

These are awarded to one student in each year group that we well has made a difference and has been recognised by their Year Leader.  Each received a prize and 10-reward point's postcard.

Year 10 Gabrielle Aljaradat and Ben Preece 

Year 9 Danielle Weston 

Year 8 Libby Styles   

Year 7 Olivia Ruff

Free Ice cream! Our students with exemplary behaviour and 100% attendance this half term were also treated to a free ice cream.                                                                                            

On the spot rewards and raffle……..

SLT/ELT whilst on roaming duties identified those students in lessons that prove they are Bishop's students every single day!  They received sweets and were then entered into a prize draw for the end of term assembly – prizes range from Sweets, shopping vouchers, cinema tickets, and music vouchers.

100% everyday……………..

Theo Steggall
Kai Lewis
Shay Richards
Alfred Kelsey
Isabella Barkas
Madaleine John
Connor Hartshorne
Jenifer Albone
Octavia Hill

Every success starts with the decision to try……………

Will McCrea
Matthew Southall
Shay Richards
Josh Burton
Jay Rogers
Marisa D'Abreu
Lesleigh Ludlow
Mihai Fartais

Rewards from Subject areas.

A number of rewards were presented to students again this half term.  Here are some of the winners.  

End of year get together for the year 7 and 9 Peer Teaching group in the Study Centre.

 Many thanks to all those fantastic students who participated and worked so hard all year to help and support each other in Maths and English.

Other rewards

Departments within school rewarded students for excellent efforts and contributions to lessons.  Here are just a few……………………………..

English: Most improved: Fabian Redlicki, Lilly Watkins, Dominica Burak, Marcia Neto, Quaid Austin-Ricketts, Victoria Brown, Daniel Moody Holly Youngs, Umor Islam, Raheem Azad. Treat and postcard home.

DT: Year 8 Ellie Jones, Libby Styles DT bug and excellence stickers;  Kelisha Walker, Alfie Murray Food Chef of the week awards.

MFL: Effort and progress: GERMAN - YR 9 Kiera Davis, Olivia Howard, Tatiana Louviero,Thomas Fowles,Joshua John , Benjamin Lawrence   ,Emily Kendall-Smith,Marcia Cardosa,Boglarka Pal, Kai Lewis ,Ben Sparrow, Louisa Yeo,Charlotte Daw,Ava Stephens,Cerys McCullock,Izzie Cale   YR 8 - Sidra Shazad ,Elizabeth Seymour, Connie Bishop , Simon Garnett, Aleem Khan , Daniel Clews  ,Ryan Weston , Polina Lozovitska   YR 7 - Emily Fenwick , Sophie O' Neill, Joshua Brown , Madeleine Lewis , Amelia Kelly   , Courtney Seussmuth, Coutney Aljaradat  , Meenakshi Adikari ,Bridget Evans, Keira Reeves,Rhian Giles, Fabien Redicki , Cian Scott ,Amani Taylor,Livie Thomas,Drew Hemming,Leila Mancrief,Sophie Reeves,Faith Galvin  ,Jessica Griffiths , Charlie Bright    All received a postcard and reward in class.                                                

Accelerated reader: Lauren Harper, Calista Geary (Top Reader gift and Certificate)


Good attendance is really important and those with 98-100% attendance were entered into a special prize draw for a shopping voucher worth £20. This half terms winner is Mia Mandrell in Year 8.  We also held a prize draw for the students with 100% for the whole academic year and this voucher went to Annelie Fidoe in Year 7. For each tutor group that had the highest attendance in the year group they received sweets to share in tutor time in the last day of term.  Gold certificates were also presented to students with 100% attendance in the Summer term and Platinum certificates to those with 100% for the whole year.

Congratulations to all our students again this half term. Have a great Summer break!

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