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Students take time to think about their mental health with Well-being Week

To encourage students to take a break from their computer screens, we held our first Well-being Week between Monday 8th February and Friday 12th February.

During Well-being Week, the final lesson of each day was devoted to mind healthy activities so students could do something that didn't involve a screen, such as enjoying fresh air, taking part in a physical activity or being creative.  Those who attend school as part of the key worker provision also took part by enjoying daily alternative activities.

Students from all year groups were asked to send in photos of what they decided to do, which included baking, painting, enjoying time with pets, reading, playing a musical instrument, practising yoga, and much more.

Jane Price, Headteacher, commented:

"Children's Mental Health Week took place during the first week of February, which made us reflect on the current situation and some of the challenges that young people are experiencing.

Bishop Perowne students take time to think about their mental health with Well-being Week

"Remote learning has meant that students and staff have incurred vastly increased screen time and, whilst this type of learning has been necessary, it does make being able to switch-off from schoolwork difficult. We therefore wanted to set a time where our students and staff could take time away and do something they enjoy. It was fantastic to see how everyone spent their daily well-being hour.

"We hope that everyone gained something from the week and that students and their families saw the benefit of focusing on their mental health by having time away from devices."

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