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School Meals

The Bishop's Kitchen

At Bishop Perowne we prepare meals three times each day. Before the College day starts we offer breakfast snacks consisting of pieces of toast, bacon baps, drinks etc. At mid-morning break we serve a more substantial menu of the same items and, in addition, sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and fruit. At lunchtime we offer a full range of food including a choice of hot meals, sandwiches, filled rolls, hot paninis, jacket potatoes with a range of fillings, salads and puddings including cakes and biscuits. There is always a vegetarian choice available included in the hot main courses.

The menu shows below the full range available each day for lunch. The menu covers three weeks after which it returns to the first Monday again. Each day's menu is designed to be fully nutritionally balanced and has passed the Food Standards' Saffron computer program test for each day's menu. All food is prepared and cooked in our kitchen by our highly qualified catering staff. All cakes and biscuits are freshly baked. All meats and vegetables are prepared and cooked on the premises. We do not serve any form of "ready meal".

All of our staff are professionally trained caterers and our canteen manager and her senior assistant are fully trained cooks, having certificates in catering management, food hygiene, food safety in catering and nutrition. Other members of staff have level 2 in food safety in catering.

The cost of all the food that we serve is displayed on the menu. All prices are designed to be affordable and the maximum cost is governed by the value of a free school meal.

In addition to catering for our own students and staff, we also provide school dinners to St Barnabas and St. George's Primary Schools. Since September 2014, with the advent of universal free school meals for Primary years one and two, we have been providing over 300 meals per day to other schools.

The Bishop's Kitchen is a busy place.

School Meal Prices

We have not increased meal prices at Bishop Perowne for several years. However, rising food costs have forced us to look at how much we charge for our meals. 

Rather than imposing an across the board price rise, and to encourage healthy eating, we have decided that the price of our main meal of the day will remain the same (£1.80, or £2.20 with a dessert). This is a nutritious square meal that will continue to offer excellent value for money. The price of fruit, salads, jacket potatoes and other healthier foods will also stay the same. 

However, the price of less healthy foods (such as pizza, Paninis, sausage rolls, cakes, crumpets, buttered toast and teacakes) will rise by 5% from January 2018. We have given a lot of thought as to how to implement a necessary price increase while at the same time offering good value and a balanced diet. We hope we have struck the right balance

How to pay

All payment for meals at Bishop Perowne is "cashless" which means that we do not take money over the canteen counter. Payment can be by two methods. Parents/carers can pay direct to the College through ParentPay. This is an on-line system that allows money to be put straight into a child's account by payment from a computer using a credit or debit card. In this way any money that is in a child's account can only be spent on food from our kitchen. This gives the parents/carers certainly that their child is receiving a well-cooked nutritionally balanced meal.

The alternative to ParentPay is that a  parent/carer can give the child cash. The child can then put that cash into the account by using cash top-up machine on the wall opposite the servery.   Please note that we will no longer accept cash or cheques -- including for school meals -- from January 4th 2018.

When buying food at the counter, each student will use the biometric identification system at the till and the kitchen staff will charge the student's account with the food bought. This allows two things to take place. We can, if necessary, check on a student's diet. The student will learn to budget the use of the cash that has been put into his/her account.

Some of our students receive free school meals. Their allowance is put into their account each day at noon for them to spend at lunchtime. All that can be seen on the tills is that their account is in funds. This anonymity allows them to be treated the same way as everyone else.


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