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Art, Design and Technology

Our Department

We aim to give students opportunities to develop their creativity, design, evaluation, making and cooking skills, to help them have a greater understanding of the influence of technology, nutrition, design and creativity in our world today and it's impact on everything around us.

Key Stage 3

Students will learn the key skills needed in the different areas of the department, as well as skills for life, including how to cook nutritious food and make informed choices about diet. Opportunities will be provided for students to experience a wide range of media in 2D and 3D, use digital software, and to start developing the a wide range of techniques, tools and making skills. Students will also analyse and evaluate the work of a range of artists, illustrators, and designers; look at types of food and links to health, well-being and food safety to broaden the development of their creativity, imagination and knowledge. Schemes of work will provide learning opportunities for students to discover where their skills lie and how to develop them to identify their own particular talents.

Key Stage 4

Student experiences from Key Stage 3 will continue to be developed and refined. Students will increase their own knowledge base, looking at a range of: design companies, sectors in the hospitality and catering industry, and artists - whilst refining the key skills associated with each subject area. They will continue to experiment and refine their design, making, and cooking skills to produce personal work that will reinforce their own development as artists, crafts people, chefs, food nutritionists, and designers.

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