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Our Department

The Geography department seeks to stimulate students' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the world around them. It cultivates a sense of location, knowledge of places and a respect for differing cultures. It encourages open, enquiring minds that are aware of contemporary issues. The teaching of geography builds on students' existing knowledge of places, concepts and skills. We aim to enrich the experience of students through annual visits and trips to bring their Geographical study to life, for example, the Year 7 trip to the Malvern Hills. The broad curriculum encompasses contemporary topics within the subject as well as the more familiar traditional geography topics.

Our Topics - Pre-GCSE

Year 7
  • Where am I
  • Rivers and Flooding
  • Development
  • Weather and Climate
  • Global Ecosystems
  • Our Natural Environment (Including local fieldwork)
Year 8
  • Using Earth's Resources
  • Tectonic Activity
  • Population and Urbanisation
  • Comparing Africa and Asia
  • Icy Landscapes
  • Our Human Environment (Including local fieldwork
Year 9
  • Coastal Landscapes
  • Investigating China
  • Rocky Landscapes
  • Changing Climate
  • Urban Futures (Including fieldwork)

Our Topics - GCSE

Year 10
  • Global Hazards
  • Dynamic Development
  • UK in the 21st Century
  • Distinctive Landscapes
  • Physical Fieldwork Enquiry (River Study)
Year 11
  • Sustaining Ecosystems
  • Resource Reliance
  • Revision, Exam Preparation and Key Skills

Extended Learning Opportunities (Homework)

In all year groups, extended learning will normally be set once per fortnight. The purpose of all extended learning in the Geography department is to consolidate and extend what has been learned in lessons and to prepare for future lessons. The nature of the extended learning tasks will vary according to what is being studied, but common tasks include research work, specific questioning or aspects of project/case study work.

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