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Department Ethos

In Art, Design and Technology, we aim to give students opportunities to develop their creativity, design, evaluation, making and cooking skills, to help them in the process of having a greater understanding of the influence of technology, nutrition, design and creativity in our world today and its impact on everything around us. We have high expectations of all of our students and look at ways to help support them to achieve this.

Year 7

In Year 7, students gain an introductory experience of: Art, Food, Resistant Materials (in either wood or metal), and Textiles on a rotation based system over the year. In these subjects, we will look at the basic skills, techniques and making that underpin our specialisms, through the development of creativity and design, using a variety of 2 and 3D media (including using digital software), as well as cooking processes.

Topics covered: Aluminium rose, abstract paintings, Art work inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead, using tools and equipment safely, healthy eating, and sensory evaluation.

Year 8

In Year 8, the rotation of the subjects will continue. The skills and techniques taught in Year 7 will be developed in Year 8 through project work which will extend and deepen students’ growing knowledge and understanding.

Topics covered: Marquetry, metal techniques and processes, expressive portraits, protest art, mixed media landscape painting, nutrition for specific groups, food safety, and sustainability and food.

Year 9

Students will begin to make more independent choices and experience the style and content of work that will be undertaken in Years 10 and 11. At the same time, Year 9 courses will continue adding challenge, variety and depth to the development and reinforcement of the skills/techniques, making and designing learnt in Years 7 and 8.

Topics covered: Architectural model making, wood, plastic and metal making and processes, factors affecting food choice, food packaging and labelling, and food production.

Year 10

In this year, it is the culmination of everything they have learnt within the specialisms in ADT leading to developing their strengths in Year 11. Over the course of the year, students can start to make decisions about what materials they work best with as well as the greatest ways to make a product suited to their talents, having more autonomy over which artists, designers and recipes they choose to look at and be influenced by. In Hospitality and Catering, students will look much more deeply into the hospitality and catering industry as well as continuing to hone their own practical food skills.

Topics covered: In Design Technology, prototyping, wood, plastic and metal processes, the structure of the Hospitality and Catering industry, Health and Safety Laws, Food and ill health, Catering for specific requirements, and theme based coursework for Art.

Year 11

In this final year, students are able to be much more autonomous. They will have much more choice about what materials and techniques, making skills, recipes, menus and research they will undertake in line with what they are best at, following the four previous years of developing all the skills and knowledge needed for this final year. Resistant Materials will also undertake work in readiness for their written exam at the end of the year. In Hospitality and Catering, the final practical elements of the course will be completed.

Topics covered: Written coursework requirements and controlled assessments for Hospitality and Catering, the NEA (non – exam assessment) and exam at the end of the academic year for Design Technology, and theme based Art coursework and the Art externally set assignment (not currently for exam year 2021-2022).

Exam Specifications

Endorsed Art and Design (Fine Art) EDEXCEL

Design and Technology AQA

Hospitality and Catering level 1/2 WJEC

Year 11 Subject Resources

Description Type
Art: School Revision Guide  School PDF Document
Design Technology: Exam Board (AQA) Resources  External Link
Design Technology: School Revision Guide  School PDF Document

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