Careers Information, Advice, and Guidance

About our CIAG Programme

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) forms an integral part of student life at Bishop Perowne. Our careers strategy feeds into our pastoral work and the planning and implementation of both our Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four Curriculum. As well as the CEIAG programme that all students experience in Years 7-11 there is also a bespoke targeted programme run for specific student groups, such as pupil premium, SEND, and those at risk of NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

We encourage all students to develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers, whilst also considering the local labour market.  We use contacts with the world of work and further education to help students to understand where different choices can take them in the future. Each year group is given opportunities to engage with business through industry days, work experience, careers fairs, and classroom workshops. Every department within the school has a Careers Champion and CEAIG links are fully embedded throughout our curriculum. Our Alumni are actively encouraged to discuss their careers and the routes they took to them during our success fairs.

We are proud of our Gatsby Benchmark status, having so far fully achieved 7 of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. We work very closely with the Careers and Enterprise Company to ensure that our careers programme is the best available in the local area. We also work very closely with our Careers and Enterprise advisors to ensure a wide variety of enterprise activities are offered throughout the academic year.

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All students at Bishop Perowne College will:

  • Take part in a careers education programme in Year 7-11 that helps them to:
    • Understand their education, training, employment and other progression options
    • Develop the skills they need to plan and manage their own personal development and career progression
    • Access relevant information and learning from taster activities and experience of work as well as further and higher education providers
    • Offer feedback and ideas on how to improve the careers programme through the use of student voice
    • If SEND or Pupil Premium will be in receipt of additional bespoke CIAG events to further support the student.
  • Have access to, and support with using, careers information that is:
    • Easy to find and available at convenient times and in convenient locations, including online signposting
    • Clearly labelled and comprehensive, giving details of all progression opportunities and associated support
    • Unbiased and up to date
    • That indicates local labour market information
  • Obtain careers guidance that is:
    • Impartial
    • Confidential
    • Focused on individual needs and fit for purpose
    • Supportive of equal opportunities and removes gender stereotypes
    • Provided by people with relevant training and expertise

Parents and Carers

All parents and carers can expect to:

  • Discuss their children’s progress and future prospects
  • Have access to tutors, subject teachers and careers specialists at parents’ evenings in Years 7-11 and Options evenings in Year 8 and 9
  • Offer feedback and ideas on how to improve the careers programme
  • Receive invitations to take part in careers and information events, thereby contributing to the careers programme and the Parental Pledge.

The Bishop Perowne CIAG programme is underpinned by the 8 ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’ which is part of the careers strategy from the Department for Education. The strategy is a whole school approach which feeds into our pastoral and curriculum plans.

These benchmarks are met by delivering a range of activities from 1:1 guidance, external speakers, visiting higher and further education establishments and business sectors, work placements, careers fairs and through the curriculum. We track pupils progress throughout the CEIAG programme by using Compass +. When students complete their educational career they will be given an individual CEIAG overview of all the events which they have participated in which has enabled them to participate in the Gatsby Benchmarks. At Bishop Perowne we are pleased to have already achieved 7 out of 8 of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Bishop Perowne College is a member of the Worcester Careers Hub, which is in partnership with the Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire LEP. This enables us to make a number of contacts with local industries.


This policy statement sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s educations or training offer. This complies with the school’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

Bishop Perowne uses the Gatsby Benchmarks as a guide to plan our careers programme in collaboration with the Worcestershire Enterprise Careers Company and our Enterprise Advisors. As part of our commitment to informing students of the full range of employment, learning and training pathways on offer to them, we are happy to receive requests from training, apprenticeships, employers and vocational educational providers to speak to our students. At Bishop Perowne we are committed to ensuring that all Further Education providers within the local area are represented and are invited in to speak to our students as part of CEIAG programme.

We are particularly interested in hearing from providers in:

  • Digital Skills Sector
  • STEAM employers (science, technology, engineering, art and maths)
  • Manufacturing, gaming, ICT and construction
  • Health professions and social care.

A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to our students, please refer to the school calendar for these events.

A provider wishing to request access should contact Mrs Reeve-McKew.

We welcome feedback from parents, staff, pupils and employers on their whole careers strategy, if you would like to get in touch please contact Mrs Reeve-McKew.


Mr C Aitken

Assistant Head - Vulnerable Learners

Mr M Clare

Careers Advisor

Mr J Manship

Assistant Head i/c Y9+10 Curriculum

Mrs V Reeve-Mckew

Careers Lead

Mr S Reeves

Assistant Head i/c KS3 Curriculum

Mrs S Ross

Careers Administrator

Mrs N Tunstall

Assistant Head - Pastoral
Through the Worcestershire LEPs Enterprise Adviser Network we are delighted to have been assigned our own designated enterprise advisers. James Pawson and Megan Walters will be supporting our careers team to assist us to facilitate careers related activity which will enable us achieve Gatsby Benchmarks 5 and 6.

James Pawson

James works for Collins Aerospace and began as a young apprentice and has worked his way up to manage and lead the company.

“I’m Jim a former Electronics Apprentice who has worked in Engineering (Research, Defence and Aerospace) all my professional career.  I am a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. I live in Malvern and am currently the Managing Director of the Collins Aerospace ISR & Space business located in the Malvern Hills Science Park. I volunteered to be an Enterprise Advisor as I want to help young students develop their interests and skills for future careers.”

Megan Walters

Megan works for Southco within the technical engineering industry in the HR field.

“I’m Megan, the HRD Advisor at Southco Manufacturing and a new Enterprise Advisor! I love getting involved with helping students develop skills for their future careers and encouraging workplace connections throughout school with activities such as mock interviews, work placements and career fairs.”


One of the best ways to inspire and motivate current pupils about careers, information advice and guidance is for them to speak to ex Bishop Perowne students.

It may have been a while since you left Bishop Perowne but you will always be part of the Bishop Perowne family. I would ask you to “pledge” your support by talking about your highs and lows, what you would have done differently, your route into employment and about your career to date by any of the below:

  • Sending us a short video or information that we can include in pamphlets.
  • Take part in a virtual live video link with targeted student groups
  • Attend a workshop in the College

If you feel you could spare us some of your time we would love to hear from you and in return you will be helping to inspire students and support the education establishment that helped you in the past.

We would love to hear from any former students discussing their further education and subsequent employment, if you would like to be involved in letting us know your journey please contact Mrs Reeve-McKew

Don’t delay, get involved today. I can’t wait to hear about what you have been up to.


What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a job with training so you can earn while you learn and pick up recognised qualifications as you go. If you live in England, are over 16 and not in full time education you can apply.

They take between one and four years to complete and cover 1,400 job roles in a wide range of industries, from things like engineering to financial advice, veterinary nursing to accountancy.

Key Benefits:

  • earn a salary
  • get paid holidays
  • receive training
  • gain qualifications
  • learn job-specific skills

Levels of Apprenticeship

There are 3 levels in England:

  • Intermediate – equivalent to 5 GCSE passes
  • Advanced – equivalent to 2 A level passes
  • Higher Apprenticeships – lead to NVQ Level 4 or Foundation Degree

Pay and Holidays

You’ll be paid from the first day of your apprenticeship. The minimum wage for an apprentice is £4.30 per hour and applies to workers aged 16 to 18 and those aged 19 and over in the first year of their apprenticeship.

If you’re aged 19 or over and have completed the first year of your apprenticeship, you’ll be paid at least the National Minimum Wage rate for your age.

Apprentices get at least 20 days of holiday per year, plus bank holidays.


Apprenticeships can lead to:

  • National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) at Level 2,3,4 or 5
  • Functional Skills qualifications, eg in maths, English or ICT
  • a technical certificate, such as a BTEC or City & Guilds Progression Award
  • knowledge-based qualifications, such as a Higher National Certificate (HNC), a Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Foundation degree

How to apply

Step 1: Find out what you are interested in by talking through with your tutor or Bishop Perowne Careers Adviser Mark Clare

Step 2: Visit the website on:

Step 3: Select the area of work you are interested in

Step 4: Check out the type of apprenticeship available in your area(s) of work

Step 5: Apply

Support with applying for an apprenticeship

At Bishop Perowne we work closely with Worcestershire Apprenticeships to ensure that you have the most up to date local apprenticeship information. If you would like support then you can be referred to Mrs Kerry Davis who can help you search and apply for Worcestershire apprenticeships.

Support with the costs of transport, clothing and tools

Those interested in applying for an apprenticeship can apply to get additional grants to support with he cost of transport, clothing and tools. More information is available by clicking here.

Useful Links

Further Information

If you would like further information about apprenticeships then the Parents Pack (which is updated monthly) is available on Amazing Apprenticeships by clicking here and is full of useful information.

For more detailed information on apprenticeships then there is an informative YouTube video made by Kerry Davis, a Worcestershire apprenticeship advisor, available to watch below.

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We are very keen to engage with businesses and employers to help us inform and educate students about the local and national employment opportunities.

This links directly with Gatsby Benchmark 5 – Encounters with Employers and Employees, and Gatsby Benchmark 6 – Experiences of Workplaces. We provide many opportunities for businesses to interact with students: Success Fairs, Dragons Den, Industry Speed Dating, Career Carousels, Employability Skills workshops, Careers Fairs, presentations, work experience, small group work etc.

If you would like to get involved, or wish to advertise any apprenticeship vacancies through the college, then please contact Mrs Reeve-McKew

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Post-16 Transport Information

Use the below link to discover what support is available to support you with transport costs to travel to further education:
School and college travel assistance | Worcestershire County Council

16-19 Bursary Fund

Students may be eligible for this bursary when they leave Bishop Perowne and go onto College or Sixth Form.
Please visit for more information.

Kings Sixth Form Bursary

Kings School offer a number of bursaries and scholarships to help with fees for their Sixth Form. Please see the link below:
Scholarships & Bursaries | Join | King’s Worcester (


Years 7 & 8

Students are introduced to the world of careers. They have the opportunity to start thinking about why a career is important, what types of jobs are out there and how they can be linked to hobbies and interests, and what types of skills they might need in the future. Students get to participate in a Success Fair in the Autumn Term where previous Alumni run a carousel workshop and students rotate around to discover industries, they are interested in. Also, during the Autumn Term students participate in Careers Week where all departments lead a subject specific careers lesson. In the Spring Term KS3 students have CIAG Education within their PSRE SofW and also their tutor time. They participate in a gender stereotyping event where students are challenged to think about traditional gender specific roles. In the Summer Term students are involved in Speed Dating where they interview different industries and employers about their job role. Year 7 and Year 8 will complete an annual visit to either the University of Birmingham or the University of Oxford.

Year 9

Students look at their GSCE options through parents evenings and option evening. Further education providers are also invited to this event to support students in their decision making. They also receive information, advice and guidance from all options subject teachers and all students are given the opportunity to speak to a member of staff about their choices. Those that are considered vulnerable are offered SLT bespoke support. Year 9 will meet local employers industries via a Dragons Den activity, The Big Bang Fair, Worcester Skills Show, NEC Skills show and the post 16 Fair.

Year 10

Students are introduced to the college application process and what is required of them in Year 11. They spend time working on their UCAS Personal Statement, and learn how to conduct themselves at an interview and how to construct a CV. College taster days provided students the opportunity to visit institutions and are strongly encouraged. Year 10 will participate in Mock Interviews with local employers, complete two visits for taster days at the local colleges, engage with the post 16 fair. Finally, students in Year 10 will complete Work Experience in the Summer Term.

Year 11

Students are able to meet local colleges to understand the various study pathways available to them. Student attend a Careers Fair where they have the opportunity to talk to local employers. This allows students to begin to see the possibilities in the local community well in advance of making their Post 16 choices. Students have the opportunity within PSHE to research their chosen career. Year 11 are also offered apprenticeship workshops as well as support in applying to college/ sixth form.

1:1 Careers Guidance meetings

Year 10 & 11 students can arrange a careers interview to ensure they have a clear plan for Post 16, which ensures students are supported as they move onto the next stage of their education.

Careers Activity Timetable


Students participate in careers week where all departments stand down the scheme of work and complete careers based lessons related to their subject (Gatsby Benchmark 4).

Students also participate in the Success Fair where alumni come and speak to students about their careers and pathways (Gatsby Benchmarks 3 and 5). As this is a carousel event all students get a choice over which of over 20 companies/ industries they wish to explore.

Year 7 also visit The University of Birmingham and the University of Oxford (Gatsby Benchmark 7) in order to raise aspirations.

Later in Year 7 students participate in a Gender Stereotyping event where students are challenged to think about traditional job roles for each gender and to challenge this thinking (Gatsby Benchmark 5 and 6).

Finally, in the Summer Term students get to interview local Industries as part of a “Speed Dating” activity (Gatsby Benchmark 5 and 6).

Finally, there is also a module around CIAG which is covered in both PSRE and Tutor time.


In Year 8 students participate in careers week where all departments stand down the scheme of work and complete careers-based lessons related to their subject (Gatsby Benchmark 4).

Students also participate in the Success Fair where alumni come and speak to students about their careers and pathways (Gatsby Benchmarks 3 and 5). As this is a carousel event all students get a choice over which of over 20 companies/ industries they wish to explore.

Year 8 students have also had subject specific CIAG events such as the photographed visit from Worcester Warriors to all pupils in Year 8.

Year 8 will also visit The University of Birmingham and the University of Oxford (Gatsby Benchmark 7) in order to raise aspirations.

Later in the Year 8 students participate in a Gender Stereotyping event where students are challenged to think about traditional job roles for each gender and to challenge this thinking (Gatsby Benchmark 5 and 6).

Finally, in the Summer Term students get to interview local Industries as part of a Speed Dating activity (Gatsby Benchmark 5 and 6). There is module around CIAG in both PSRE and Tutor time.

Additionally, as students begin their option choices in Year 8 they are given the opportunity to meet Further Education providers at both Parents Evening and Options Evening (Gatsby Benchmark 7).

Students who require additional support with making their options process are in receipt of a bespoke package from the Senior Leadership Team (Gatsby Benchmark 3)


In Year 9 students participate in a Dragons Den activity (Gatsby Benchmark 5) where they pitch their ideas to local industries and businesses.

They also benefit from a visit from Medical Mavericks where they get to experience a variety of medical careers (Gatsby Benchmarks 5 and 6).

As students take their options in Year 9 they receive support at both parents evening and options evening from local further education providers so as to assist all students with making a decision about their curriculum (Gatsby Benchmarks 7).

Throughout the year pupils will participate in the Big Bang Fair, Worcester Skills Show, NEC Skills show and the Post 16 Fair (Gatsby Benchmarks 5,6,7)


In Year 10 students participate in Mock Interviews with local industries (Gatsby Benchmark 5). Students are interviewed about their educational experiences and skill set.

Year 10 also complete a weeks Work Experience and they will be supported by the CIAG team to secure a placement of interest to them (Gatsby Benchmarks 5 and 6).

In 2021 Work Experience was run virtually within school due to Covid restrictions being in place.

At parents evening for Year 10 local further education providers are in attendance so as to discuss Post 16 options (Gatsby Benchmarks 7).

In the Summer Term students participate in the Post 16 Fair (Gatsby Benchmarks 5,6,7)


In Year 11 the Autumn term is mainly focused on students participating in assemblies from all the local Further Education providers (Gatsby Benchmark 7). This is run on a rotation basis and ensures that Bishop Perowne is meeting the requirements of the Baker Clause.

Year 11 also begin their one to one careers advisers appointments and these run throughout the year (Gatsby Benchmark 8).

In the Spring Term students meet the National Citizenship Service and are supported in applying for the scheme. Bishop Perowne are proud to be Gold level for the number of students that participate in the National Citizenship scheme each year.

In Year 11 students are also supported via apprenticeship talks and workshops as well as CV writing and interview technique sessions with Uniconnect (Gatsby Benchmark 7).

Those that require additional support in applying for further education will receive support from their tutor or SENCO team (Gatsby Benchmark 3).

During the Summer Term students are invited to attend additional workshops about post 18 choices including talks from the army and many higher apprenticeship providers (Gatsby Benchmarks 5 and 6).

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Form Tutors will support students in writing their personal statement for College Applications. This is the section of the application where students can really sell themselves.

Look at the examples below for ideas on, and use as examples of, how to write your Personal Statement.

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Speakers for Schools has been designed to inform all students about Employers and learn a little more about industries within our local, national and international communities.

Why not take a look at their upcoming schedules and take part…

Speakers for Schools Schedule

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At Bishop Perowne despite the constraints of the pandemic we feel very strongly that Work Experience for all Year 10s is a vital part of their Career Education and as such we are running work experience virtually this year. Please see the document below for the programme which commences on the 5th July. It includes virtual and face to face talks including from our link Enterprise company South Co. Students will also be participating in a Curriculum Vitae and Interview Techniques workshop run by Mr Luke Carnie our Uniconnect link.

Additionally, many career areas are offering virtual work experience. If your child is interested in a career in veterinary or medicine please take the time to consider these placements as some university courses require the applicant to have a certain amount of logged work experience hours.