Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bishop Perowne CE College have a catchment area?

No. Bishop Perowne CE College serves the Diocese of Worcester and draws students from a range of church primary and community primary schools from within Worcester and the surrounding parishes for example Claines and Droitwich

Does Bishop Perowne CE College have a Supplementary Form as well as applying through my Local Authority?

Yes. Printed copies of the admission documents are available on request, or can be accessed under the Admissions Overview page, available by clicking here

What if I live in another Local Authority area?

You have to apply through your home Local Authority. Please see the Worcestershire County Council website for further details.

How do I contact the school?

By telephone to our reception on (01905) 746 800 or by e-mail to Mrs K Wigley [email protected]

The school office is open between 08:00 and 16:30 Monday to Thursday and until 16:00 on Friday. There is a facility to leave a message outside office hours or during busy periods when high volumes of calls are being received.

How do I report my son/daughter's absence?

You can contact the attendance office directly on (01905) 746 800 – Option 1. Regular updates are appreciated if a student is absent for more than 24 hours. A form for requesting planned absence is available from reception or the attendance officer. Please note that we do not authorise family holidays in term time.

What if my son/daughter is late?

Students who arrive after the bell has gone (08:30) are required to sign in with the Attendance Officer at the front gate or alternatively must report to reception to sign in. A 30 minute after school detention will be given. Detentions for lateness must be served on the day the student is late.

Who do I need to contact to pass an urgent message to my son/daughter?

Please contact our Student Reception on 01905 746 810 who will be happy to pass on messages to students. Please note that we are unable to pass messages to students between 10.40am – 11.00am (break time) and 1.00pm – 2.00pm (lunch time/tutor time).

How do I speak to a member of staff?

Contact our reception staff on (01905) 746 800 or send an email to the individual member of staff.

A full staff list and contact details can be found by clicking here or selecting the “Our Staff” option in the “About Us” menu above.

Please note that staff may not be in a position to respond immediately due to teaching commitments.

What is the role of the Tutor?

The Tutor is the main point of contact in school regarding your son/daughter and should be your first point of contact if you have any issues or concerns. Your son/daughter’s tutor will be able to involve other members of staff if needed.

How often will I receive my son/daughter's report?

There are three reports sent home to parents throughout the year, covering each term. Information provided varies by key stage, but all include an indicator as to a student’s progress, attitude to learning, and any concerns.

Where can I find information about exams?

Information regarding dates for all exams are given to all students in the Spring Term of the examination year.

The Exams Officer can be contacted by calling our reception on (01905) 746 800.

How can I top up my son/daughter's lunch account?

Parents/carers are able to top up their son/daughter’s accounts using the ParentPay system.

All parents/carers are issued with a username and password for the system at the beginning of Year 7 and this remains the same throughout their son/daughter’s school career at Bishop Perowne.

If parents/carers are unable to access Parentpay or otherwise wish to discuss their son/daughter’s account they should contact the Finance Office by calling through our reception on (01905) 746 800.

Where can I find term dates?

Term dates are included on the school calendar issued to parents at the start of term.

The school calendar, which includes the term dates, is available on our website by clicking here or selecting “Our Calendar” in the “Parents + Students” menu above.

If in any doubt parents/carers are asked to contact the school reception on (01905) 746 800.