Cultural Capital


We acknowledge that students come to Bishop Perowne from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from privileged to disadvantaged. As such there will be a wide variance in the experiences that they have had when they join us in Year Seven.

It is our mission to create well-rounded individuals who will be proactive citizens making a positive contribution to society in the post-sixteen world. We will achieve this through providing a wide range of experiences to all students, regardless of background, within the Cultural Capital programme.

All students in Years Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten will take part in one Cultural Capital event or visit per term during the school year. Details of our current schedule of events for each year group follow below.

Year 7 Programme for 2022/2023

Autumn Term: Hive Mind

A visit to the Hive in Worcester to develop independent study skills and to learn to make the best of this nationally renowned centre of learning. Students will be guided by Hive staff as well as by Bishop Perowne staff. Students will walk to and from the Hive accompanied by Bishop Perowne staff.

Spring Term: Orchestral Wonder

The chance to hear a symphony orchestra in full flight at the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s schools’ concert in the world class Birmingham Symphony Hall. Students will hear a range of well-known pieces of music, with a full commentary explaining the instruments of the orchestra and the music they play. Transport to and from Birmingham will be by coach.

Summer Term: Malvern Adventure

A day spent exploring and walking across our local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Malvern Hills. Students will learn to navigate in lesser-known parts of the hills, observe wildlife and conservation projects and have a picnic lunch together on top of Midsummer Hill. Transport to and from the Malvern Hills will be by coach.

Year 8 Programme for 2022/2023

Autumn Term: He’s behind you!

A visit to the Swan Theatre in Worcester to experience that unique example of British culture: the pantomime. This year’s production is Cinderella, performed by Worcester Repertory Company. Expect plenty of audience participation! Students will walk to and from the Swan Theatre accompanied by Bishop Perowne staff.

Spring Term: Cathedral Creativity

A visit to Worcester Cathedral for a day of literacy and arts based activities. Students will be led by the Cathedral’s education team as well as by Bishop Perowne staff, drawing inspiration from this stunning building in the heart of our city. Students will walk to and from the Cathedral along the canal towpath, accompanied by Bishop Perowne staff.

Summer Term: Castle Invasion

A day spent visiting the stunning Goodrich and Raglan Castles on the Welsh borders. Students will compare the two castles, identify their defensive features and discover their hidden secrets. Students will be led by Bishop Perowne staff. Transport to and from the castles will be by coach.

Year 9 Programme for 2022/2023

Autumn Term: STEM in Birmingham

A visit to Thinktank in central Birmingham. Students will watch the Energy Show in Thinktank’s theatre as well and will be guided around the museum by Bishop Perowne staff, using the wide range of hand-on exhibits to explore aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths. Transport to and from Birmingham will be by coach.

Spring Term: Rhyming times

A visit to Bishop Perowne by Spoz, the award winning performance poet, singer / songwriter, film maker, playwright and poet-in-residence at Birmingham City FC. He will lead students through a half-day workshop to explore the influence of poetry, culminating in them producing their own poetry.

Summer Term: Oh I do like to be…

…beside the seaside! A daytrip to the great British seaside. The precise destination will be confirmed nearer the time, but students will get to experience all the usual attractions of a seaside resort. Transport to and from the coast will be by coach.

Year 10 Programme for 2022/2023

Autumn Term: Careers Event (moved to Jan 23)

An opportunity to attend a regional or national level careers event. Enabling students to meet with a wide range of experts and providers and maybe find the inspiration for their future career path!

Spring Term: The Scottish Play

A performance of Macbeth in our own school theatre, staged by Quantum Theatre, a professional touring theatre company. This is a hugely valuable opportunity for students to experience a live performance of one of their GCSE set texts.

Summer Term: Time Travel

A visit to the world famous Natural History Museum in London. Students will be led by Bishop Perowne staff, exploring the vast array of exhibits and linking together their understanding of science, geography and history. Transport to and from London will be by coach.

Further Information

Full details of each event or visit are provided to parents and carers before they take place.

Parents and carers are invited to make a payment of £30.00 to help to cover the costs of these events and visits. This can be paid in three instalments of £10.00, one per term, if preferred.


Mr J Manship

Lead Organiser