It’s our aim to make the examination experience as stress-free and successful as possible for all candidates.

A number of documents are listed below which we would encourage all students to read and share with their parents/carers.

The awarding bodies (Exam Boards) have strict rules which must be followed for the conduct of exams, and as a School we are required to follow and enforce them precisely and accurately to ensure examinations are fair to all students.

If you or your parents have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the exams please contact our Examinations Officer, whose details are at the end of this page. You will need to click on their name to see their e-mail address.

Please do not telephone exam boards directly as they will refer you back to the School.

The Joint Council for Qualifications

The Joint Council for Qualifications is a membership organisation comprising the seven largest providers of qualifications in the UK. The information below is therefore applicable to all examinations.

Information for Candidates

Code Description Version Published Review
EXAM-01 Summer Exam Timetable 2024 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-02 Preparing to Sit Your Exam 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-03 Unauthorised Items 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-04 Malpractice 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-05 Warning to Candidates 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-06 Information For Candidates – NEA 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-07 Information For Candidates – Coursework Assessments 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-08 Information For Candidates – Written Examinations 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-09 Information For Candidates – Using social media and examinations/assessments 1.0 April 2024
EXAM-10 On Your Exam Day 1.0 April 2024


Mrs A Tinson

Examinations Officer