Our Results

Notice Regarding our Results

Due to the changes in the way results were awarded during the Covid-19 pandemic the Department for Education did not publish the usual performance measures for results awarded in 2020 or 2021. As a result we are unable to publish the performance measures for our most recent results. The performance measures given below are from the 2019 examinations.

These figures have been taken directly from the Government’s “Compare School Performance” site, which allows you to look at many more measures and see how strong our results are in comparison to other local schools. Should you wish to do so, our data on the “Compare School Performance” is available to view by clicking here.

We are pleased with the results our students achieve, and know the progress our students make compares very well with other schools locally (should you choose to look), but rest assured that we are constantly striving to improve for the sake of our students and their future.

Our Progress 8 Score: 0.17

This shows how well students have done in their GCSEs compared to their SATs, and is considered the fairest comparison of school performance. Higher numbers show better progress.

The local authority (Worcestershire) average score for state-funded schools is 0.06 - although some schools obviously scored much higher, or lower, than this.

The average score for all state-funded schools in England is Minus 0.03

Our Attainment 8 Score: 44.8

This shows the raw attainment score of the school students, without taking into account their previous performance.

The local authority (Worcestershire) average score for state-funded schools is 46.6

The average score for all state-funded schools in England is 46.7

EBacc Measures

40% of our students qualified as entering the Ebacc Measure. This means that they sat English, Mathematics, at least 2 Sciences, a Humanity, and a Language.

Of those that did qualify as entering the Ebacc Measure, they got an average point score in Ebacc subjects of 3.9.

Grade 5 (or higher) in English and Maths

39% of our students got grade 5's or better in their English and their Maths.

For those of you more familiar with letter grades, a grade 5 is considered a "high" C grade (with a grade 4 being a "low" C grade)

Students staying in education or entering employment.

Of our 2017 leavers (unfortunately, this statistic is on a two year delay and the pandemic has further slowed the release of statistics), 91% of students stayed in education for their full course or entered and stayed in employment.