Curriculum Intent

At Bishop Perowne CofE College, the PSHE curriculum is designed to empower and equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to make informed decisions, navigate the complexities of the modern world, and lead fulfilling and responsible lives. We aim to provide a comprehensive education that supports students’ personal, social, emotional, health, and economic development.

Through a well-structured and engaging PSHE curriculum, we strive to empower our students to become confident, resilient, and socially responsible individuals who can positively contribute to the world around them. Our curriculum is designed on a spiral curriculum model to allow students to learn by revisiting the PSHE topics and will build on their knowledge and skills throughout their school career. Layering up the content allows an age and stage appropriate approach to PSHE education that will prepare our students to be confident, resilient and understanding members of society.

Curriculum Map
Key Stage 3

Each half term each year group starts a new unit. Therefore they have six different units per year.

Students start with recognising healthy relationships in a bid to help them settle into a new school and make firm friends. Moving onto what human rights are and why they are protected finishing with looking after mental and physical health with an emphasis on puberty. Year 8s look at healthy and unhealthy coping strategies with regards to mental health, healthy relationships and where the law places itself. Introducing the risks of caffeine and intoxicants as well as habit versus dependency. As they are choosing options there is work on careers and employment leading onto challenging stereotypes, understanding how to be a positive role model and finishing off with dangers regarding online communication. Year 9 students learn about gang culture and grooming techniques, the risks of illegal substances, family types and issues that may arise which leads onto sex and relationships education. In the summer term, students learn how to save money and are taught what risky financial behaviour looks like finishing off with rights in the workplace and how a career and a job differ.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 students revisit mental health and look at coping strategies in more detail. They move onto learning about respecting intimate relationships and the impact of social media, the internet and pornography on building relationships in ‘real life.’ Year 10 students learn about our demographic country, how parliament works and what the purpose of voting is. They will learn about online grooming with regards to radicalisation and extremism and how to recognise tell tale signs of this and to manage the pull of online influences. Students have sessions on preparing for statutory work experience to help them prepare for the world of work.

Year 11 students begin with preparing for their next steps with regards to CV writing, college applications and what post 16 pathways are available. They have sessions on first aid and recognising a medical emergency situation. They also have health check advice lessons as well as how the law stands on organ and blood donation. Students have sessions on what different family life may look like, what fertility issues are and what can be done medically as well as how to cope when relationships change or break down.

Subject Leader Presentation
Examinations and Assessment

There is no formal examination for PSHE.

Students have one assessed piece of work marked by their teacher for every unit. They will therefore have feedback once per half term.

Students will complete an entry and exit task each half term so they can self-assess progress that has been made per unit.

Enrichment and Extra-curricular Opportunities

PSHE has recently established a valuable partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society UK to instil lifelong habits of safety around bodies of water that could cause risk.

Y7 –Bereavement – In lessons. How to support a loved one who has lost someone with support of the PSHE Association and Winston’s Wish Charity

Y8 – Water Safety – Guest speaker from the Canals and River Trust

Y9 – Coercive Control – Guest speaker to lead a session from Women’s Aid

Y10 – Knife Violence – Guest speaker Alison Cope an anti-knife violence campaigner

Y11 – Impact of Addiction – Guest speaker to discuss the impact of addiction from Alcoholics Anonymous

As well as inviting reputable PSHE specialist companies in to work with selective students. Loudmouth is a PSHE theatre group and Rabbits Relationships is a SRE consultant.

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