Department Ethos

The Psychology department seeks to engage students in the process of psychological enquiry to develop autonomous students who are critical, reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. We aim to develop students with a growth mind-set who readily take on challenges and constantly strive to be better. We hope as students explore human behaviour in the context of real-life issues, they develop an understanding of themselves and others.

Year 9

In Year 9 students will study 4 topics which will give them a flavour of the course should they wish to continue with the option at the end of Year 9. We cover key topics to allow exposure to key vocabulary in the course and to develop their skills of thinking analytically when considering psychological theories.

The first topic is Social Influence and looks at how other groups and individuals can influence our behaviour. This will give the students an appreciation of how we behave in certain social situations.

The second topic is Memory. Students will explore different psychologist’s views of how memory works by looking at how we remember and forget things.

The third topic looks at the brain and neuropsychology. Students will explore the different areas of the brain and how it works. We will also look at what happens if the brain is damaged and methods used to study the brain.

Finally, the fourth topic is Development. This topic will build on the work covered on the brain and will further look at other areas important in our development. Students will also study the development of intelligence, morals and how our mind-set can affect our learning

Each topic will have two key studies that students will study in depth.

Students will receive weekly homework and fortnightly assessed work in the form of exam style questions to prepare them for potentially continuing with the course in Year 10.

Year 10

Psychology follows the Edexcel GCSE specification. Students sit two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2. There are no tiers in Psychology.

Students who continue with the course will study 3 topics during this year. We begin with Research Methods which explores psychological research which is central to Psychology. Psychology uses a range of different research methods to examine human behaviour. The content of this topic will be examined in both papers in the GCSE examination.

The second topic in Year 10 is Psychological problems. This topic will look at the causes of psychological problems such as addiction and unipolar depression and will also explore potential treatments.

Finally, students will begin Criminal psychology. Students will consider why certain individuals become criminals and what can be done to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour. This topic will seek to determine whether criminals are born or made. Finally, students will study how effective punishments are for criminals and look at other possibilities such as rehabilitation.

Students will receive weekly homework and fortnightly assessed work in the form of past GCSE questions to prepare them for the examination at the end of Year 11.

Year 11

Students will complete Criminal Psychology and will also have time during the first term to fully prepare for their PPE in November. Time is given to re visit topics covered in Year 9 and 10 for Paper 1. The aim is to build their confidence before they sit their first full paper.

The final option topic studied is sleep and dreaming and will explore the importance of sleep and theories around why we dream. Sleep disorders will also be studied in addition to two dream theories.

Students will receive weekly homework and fortnightly assessed work in the form of past GCSE questions to prepare them for the examination at the end of Year 11 and their PPEs.

Students are given a wealth of support materials to help them throughout their GCSE course and are given numerous booklets to prepare them for their first PPE in November and again for the second in February. Students will have had a huge amount of exposure to past GCSE questions during their assessed fortnightly work to develop their application of knowledge and exam skills.

Year 11 Subject Resources

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Psychology: Exam Board (Pearson) Resources  External Link
Psychology: School Revision Guide  School PDF Document

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