Department Ethos

Dance at Bishop Perowne is taught within a bespoke Performing Arts Department with specialist facilities. We aim to provide a safe and exploratory environment for students to develop the three major strands of dance: performance, composition and appreciation whilst building confidence and self expression. At KS4 the National Curriculum states that the Arts, Dance, Drama and Music should be offered to all students for further study and this is evidenced in our pathway system where Dance is offered at GCSE level and BTEC Performing Arts Dance BTEC tech Award.

Year 7

Dance in Year 7 runs on a two week rotation with Music and Drama throughout the year. Students explore the basic elements of performance work and learn how to keep their bodies safe in a dance lesson making an important link to Physical Education whilst seeking to improve physical skill and stamina. Students progress to structure work using a narrative format. Students explore the basic shapes and actions of dance as well as choreographic devices of unison, canon and accumulation along with mirroring and stage directions, making a vital link to drama. Students explore subject matter in a cross curricular manner and draw from other curriculum subjects to develop their work.

Year 8

Dance students in Year 8 are on a half-termly rotation with Music, Drama and Design Technology. Students develop their performance qualities through work aimed at enhancing dynamic quality in dance. Thematic schemes of work consider the different dance styles thorough the ages with a modern link to dance styles in the movies. Finally students explore choreographic work with a property and begin to demonstrate a need for an intention in the dance work; a major strand of GCSE dance examination.

Year 9

Dance in Year 9 is offered as an option subject. Students explore both the syllabus of the AQA GCSE dance examination and the Pearson syllabus for BTEC Performing Arts TECH Award in Dance. Students will hone their performance skills through learning set repertoire and develop their choreographic styles through the study of key choreographers. Students will also have the opportunity to consider how stage make up design, costume and lighting all enhance a dance work through practical application and in conjunction with a theatre manager. Students are introduced to dance theory and begin to consider the dance works in the GCSE dance anthology.

Year 10

Students at Year 10 are split into GCSE and BTEC groups according to their strengths within the subject area. GCSE dance students will consider the contents of the course, Component 1 Performance and Choreography, set phrases and Component 2 Dance appreciation; the Anthology. BTEC students also consider the structure of their examination to include Component 1 the study of three practioners, Component 2 Performance work from set repertoire and finally Component 3 Responding to a Brief. Dance students in Year 10, across both courses, are introduced to more complicated choreographic devices and structuring enabling them to create sophisticated dance work for public performance and coursework.

Year 11

Students at GCSE complete and refine performance work on the set phrases and Duet/Trio performance work from Component 1, with a firm concentration of technique and performance skills. Students complete the major choreography task worth 40 marks in this final year and complete their study of the set six Anthology dance works.

BTEC students also complete final recordings of practical coursework and theoretical research whilst completing their response to final Brief set by the exam board Pearson at the end of January.

Further information on the courses can be found by viewing the specifications, linked below:

BTEC Performing Arts

GCSE Dance

Year 11 Subject Resources

Description Type
Dance (BTEC): School Revision Guide  School PDF Document
Dance (GCSE): School Revision Guide  School PDF Document
Dance: Exam Board (AQA) Resources  External Link

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