Our Church School

Our Kingdom Values​

At the very heart of the character of Bishop Perowne lies the fact that we are a Church of England school within the Diocese of Worcester. Central to everything we do are the Diocese of Worcester’s Kingdom Values of love, justice, compassion and freedom – values which are upheld by staff and students on a daily basis. These values are familiar to all of our students and staff as they are displayed throughout the school and reference is made to them in a wide variety of contexts.


Intrinsically linked to the Kingdom Values is a shared understanding and awareness of the presence of spirituality throughout the life of our school and our wider community. At Bishop Perowne, spirituality is defined as ‘what gives life meaning’. This definition leaves all members of our community the space to reflect on how spirituality manifests itself on both an individual and a community level. Examples of learning linked with spirituality can be found throughout our curriculum and beyond.


All students take part in acts of collective worship each week, which are held in our school theatre. The themes for this worship are drawn from the gospels and are linked to the Kingdom Values. Students experience a range of different media during collective worship but are always invited to reflect and to pray. Each act of worship is then followed up with an activity led by tutors the following day, which extends the opportunity for reflection.

At the end of each term, the entire school community comes together for a Celebration Worship, mixing readings, prayers, live music and dance with a celebration of everything which has been achieved during the course of the term. At the end of the spring term, all students and staff are also invited to take part in celebrations of the Eucharist in our parish church of St Barnabas.

In addition, the school community comes together for an Act of Remembrance each November and for the school’s Christmas Carol Service.


Bishop Perowne has a dedicated team of chaplains, led by Rev Julieann Watson who is the vicar of our parish church of St Barnabas. The chaplaincy team take an active role in leading our worship as well as in guiding and nurturing the spiritual life of the school on a wider basis.

Spirituality and Worship Policy

Our spirituality and worship policy, which expands on the information provided above, is available under Our Policies

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

As a Church of England School, the work of Bishop Perowne is overseen and regularly inspected by SIAMS. The last inspection took place in July 2018, in which the school was graded as Good overall with Leadership and Management graded as Outstanding. The full SIAMS report can be read here.