Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


The Learning Support Team includes the SENCO and a team of dedicated Teaching Assistants. Support for our students is based on assessed needs and designed to help remove barriers to learning and promote access, inclusion and independence.

Support may be offered in the mainstream classroom, working alongside subject staff to ensure students achieve their very best, or as part of a short term, planned intervention to address individual needs.

Teaching Assistants may also work in specific subject areas, to support subject staff in preparing resources, improving curriculum access and delivering subject interventions. Targeted interventions include literacy and numeracy skills, handwriting, EAL support (English as an Additional Language), speech and language skills, social skills etc.

We work closely with our partner Primary schools and Colleges of Further Education to ensure smooth transition both at the start of Key Stage 3 and at the end of Key Stage 4. We also work with a wide range of outside agencies for advice and support, including our Educational Psychologist, the Learning Support Team, the Behaviour Support Team, Hearing Impaired Service, medical teams, the Educational Welfare Officer and especially our own college Care, Guidance and Support Team.

Provision also includes our specialised  Nurture Base.  This base supports students who may need extra emotional and social support with transition to high school. It is open throughout the day, including break and lunchtimes, and students may be timetabled here for specific help and intervention to help with their time at the school.

Our Policies

While our SEND policies are all available from our Policies page, we have also made them available here for easy access..

Code Description Version Published Review
AHN-AP Students with Additional Health Needs Attendance Policy 1.0 November 2023 November 2023
REC-01 Accessibility Plan 1.1 September 2023 September 2026
SEN-02 Accessibility 1.2 September 2023 September 2026
SENREP-02 SEN Information Report 2023 September 2023 September 2024
STU-02 Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs 1.2 September 2022 September 2024

Our Staff

Mrs K Whitworth

Teaching Assistant

Miss S Spurgin

Teaching Assistant

Miss V Dorsett

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Ross

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Davison

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Chaloner

Teaching Assistant

Mr O Samuels

A2M Learning Support Manager

Miss S Davis

Teaching Assistant

Ms J Weston

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Williams

A2M Learning Support Manager

Mrs J Kruszewska

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Spurgin


Miss H White

A2M Teacher