Our Ethos and Aims

Our mission is to be a high performing Academy rooted in Christian values, providing an education and environment which changes lives for the better.​

As a school our responsibility is to improve the opportunities our students receive, both now and in the future.

We have an unwavering focus on helping our students achieve, on offering them exciting and engaging learning opportunities, and on providing the very best teaching and support.

In return we expect our students to be prepared to learn, to behave, and to be well mannered.

Our staff teach with skill and expect high standards from our students; our students expect and deserve the highest standards from our staff.

In our culture at the school it’s cool to be smart, and we work hard to provide an environment where all students can work hard to be the best that they can be.

What do we mean by Endeavour Forever?

Whether it’s Students or Staff:

  • We work hard ourselves and expect commitment from those around us.
  • We are resilient and we don’t give up.
  • We learn from our mistakes and know we will become stronger for having made them.
  • Where we find problems we work to find the right solutions.
  • We strive for exceptional learning, pastoral care, AND experiences.
  • We believe in making sure our environment is inclusive to all.
  • We believe every new day is a new chance to shine.

How do we, and students, achieve this?


We get better at the things that matter

We deliver outstanding teaching, rich opportunities for learning and encouragement and support for each student. Our students demonstrate outstanding progress and achievement.


We control our own lives

We provide a joyful and disciplined school culture. Our students take personal responsibility for their learning and their behaviour. They are self-motivated and resilient. They show strength of character.


We connect with a bigger purpose

We model Christian values, especially those of love, compassion, justice and freedom. Our students are caring and thoughtful, they see possibilities for themselves and others.