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Tel: 01905 746800

Well Aware available services:

  • 1:1 Mental Health First Aid (Routine Appointments or Same Day Appointments for urgent issues).
  • Group Well Being Sessions – Stress
  • Group Well Being Sessions – General Well Being
  • Online Self Help –
  • Student Led Support – Anti Bullying Ambassadors
  • Referrals to local NHS mental health services such as CAMHS and Reach for Well Being.
  • Referrals to professionally qualified counsellors and school nurse.
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Parent Advice Sessions
  • Mindfulness Sessions


Well Aware is Bishop Perowne's student mental health service. We have a variety of services available to support students who are experiencing mental health problems. We work closely with a range of other services and can help direct you to the support you need.

It is normal to feel down, anxious or stressed from time to time but if these feelings affect your daily activities including your studies then you need to seek help. Telling someone how you feel, whether it is one of our mental health first aiders or a friend may bring an immediate sense of relief.

It's normal to feel down, anxious or stressed from time to time, but if these feelings affect your daily activities, including your studies, or don't go away after a couple of weeks, get help.

Signs of depression and anxiety include:

  • feeling low
  • feeling more anxious or agitated than usual
  • losing interest in life
  • losing motivation

Some people also:

  • put on or lose weight
  • stop caring about the way they look or about keeping clean
  • do too much work
  • have sleep problems
  • become withdrawn

If you would like to use the Bishop Perowne Well Aware Mental Health Service then you must:

  • Complete a self referral form at Student Services. The referral will be assessed and an appointment will be made for you.
  • A member of staff may refer you through our safeguarding procedures.
  • A parent/carer may contact us and refer you.
  • Contact the Bishop Perowne Safeguarding Officers, Jo Bullock - or Ruth West -

For more serious or longer lasting mental health symptoms we will contact your parents/carers and recommend that you see your GP.

Useful Contacts
Safeguarding Contacts Contact Numbers
Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Nigel Ford (Deputy Head teacher) 01905 746800 state 'urgent, safeguarding matter'
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Mrs Natalie Tunstall 01905 746800 state 'urgent, safeguarding matter'
Nominated Governor for Safeguarding: Mrs Caroline Fitzmaurice 01905 746800 state 'urgent, safeguarding matter'
NSPCC Whistle-blowing Helpline 0800 028 0285
Childline 0800 1111

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Our full Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy along with other associated policies are available for viewing or download from the Policies section of the website.

Our Full Safeguarding Team
  • Mr B Lewis - Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs N Tunstall - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs R West - Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs J Bullock - Safeguarding Officer
  • Heads of Year - responsible for Pastoral Care of a year group
  • Mrs S Walker - Attendance Officer

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