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It’s Year 8 options time – here’s our advice to help make the right choice

The Year 8 option window is now open!

By Friday 25th March, Year 8 students must submit their choices of what they would like to study in Year 9. This is an exciting time as they are being asked to start taking control of their learning.

The options on offer

All students will continue to learn history, geography, French and German alongside the core subjects of English, maths, science, PE (unaccredited), PSHCE and RE (unaccredited).

Students then choose three additional subjects from the below list:

  • Art and Design (GCSE)
  • Business Studies (GCSE)
  • Child Development (Camb Nats)
  • Computer Science (GCSE)
  • Dance (Btech/GCSE)
  • Design and Technology (GCSE)
  • Drama (GCSE)
  • Hospitality and Catering (Vocational Award)
  • Music (GCSE)
  • Physical Education (GCSE)/Sports Science (Camb Nats)
  • Psychology (GCSE)
  • RE (GCSE)

The options process

Our options process gives your child two opportunities to make decisions regarding their studying. The first step – the Year 8 options choices – see students make choices about the wider subjects they will take forward into Year 9.

During Year 9, they then choose from the subjects they have been studying throughout the year and decide which they wish to take forward into the last two years of study.

How parents and carers can help

If your child is finding it difficult to know which subjects to choose, here are a few tips to help them make their decision.

What don’t they like: Start by crossing off options that are not keen on. It’s equally as important for a student to understand what the options are that they definitely don’t want to choose, as it is for them to know what they do – to enable them to reach their full potential, we want our students to enjoy all subjects and be fully engaged.

Find out all you can about the subject: Our subject leaders have created presentations where you can hear them talk about the subject and the type of learning that is involved. Watch these together with your child, and if you have questions, the relevant teacher is more than happy to answer them. The presentations can be found on the Year 8 options page.

Discuss the taster days: Child will have already chosen two subjects for taster days. Chat about these days and talk about what they enjoyed and didn’t like about the taster sessions.

What subjects are they already excelling at: A good indicator of whether your child enjoys a subject is how good they are at it! If they are enjoying their learning, engaging with the subject and producing good work, it’s a good subject to choose as an option.

A couple of ‘do nots’ to consider

  • We don’t encourage students to choose a subject because they like their current teacher – the teacher could change
  • Students shouldn’t choose a subject just because their friends do – the friends may love that subject and it may be just what they need to study to pursue their career choice

The selection of options is done online. For each option, students will be asked for a ‘first choice’ and a ‘reserve choice’. You can find out more information about the process, watch a video of the Virtual Options Evening event and download our options booklet on the Year 8 Options page.

Remember, we are always here if you need help.

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